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About Inglenook & Co.

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In 2010, Amy Moore set out on a mission. A mission to support her husband family, while still being able to stay at home with her children. With a borrowed soap-making kit from a friend, she made a single batch of soap and it worked. Trial and error led her to making her several batches which she sold at a local Farmers Market. Proceeds from that market were used to buy more raw ingredients, which led to more soaps, and more markets. Eventually the volume of production outgrew the family kitchen and moved to the barn outside. With the growth of production space and a mom-on-a-mission, Inglenook continued to gain popularity in local markets and trade shows across the United States. With the addition of an online store, a production facility, and bulk ingredients carried in on the family tractor- Amy was set for indefinite success. Still ran by Amy, her husband, and daughter- Inglenook continues to operate daily as a handcrafted, family-focused company with a love and passion for high-quality products with a touch of southern hospitality in every batch.
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